Bosch Water Pledge

At Bosch, we create appliances that not just make life easier, but help in making the world a better place.

With this in mind, we will donate 1L of water for every pledge we receive. This initiative is in conjunction with Water for Paws, a foundation based in the Western Cape that is collecting water for our furry friends and pets.

In addition to this, we will invite 50 lucky pledgers to be part of a demonstration day at the Bosch Brand Experience Centre in Johannesburg where they will stand a chance to WIN a Bosch SMS68TI02E water-saving dishwasher.

Campaign valid: 5 – 22 June 2018.


Need some help getting started?

Here are our top ten water saving hacks.

1. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving
2. Fix any leaking taps around the home or in the garden
3. Place a bucket below your gutter outlet to save rain water
4. Turn off the shower while you lather with soap or shampoo
5. Find a short song and use it to time your shower: music stops, water stops
6. Place a bucket in the shower to collect water while the water is heating up
7. Fill a 500ml bottle with water and place it in your cistern to displace some water
8. Use a dishwasher as washing by hand can use up to 50 litres per load
9. Only use your washing machine or dishwasher with a full load
10. Water your garden with a watering can rather than the hose pipe

Did you know that washing dishes by hand can use up to 50 litres of water, and sometimes even more than that is required, not to mention the time spent on washing, drying, and packing the dishes. The Bosch SMS68TI02E dishwasher is the ultimate water saving appliance, using only 6.5 litres per load. That’s over 40 litres saved every time you do the dishes.

Only together can we
make a real difference

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